Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders

Some research states that 65% of women struggle with eating disorders. Eating disorders range from the potentially life-threatening anorexia nervosa to chronic dieting.

Different treatments for eating disorders are effective for different people. That is, cognitive behavioral therapy may work for one person, and talk therapy might work for another. And, still others may find hypnotherapy for eating disorders is particularly effective.

The Theory Behind Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

Kate is a hypnotherapist in Liverpool, England, who successfully treated Monica, who struggled with bulimia for years.

“I use hypnotherapy to redress the root causes of the eating disorder,” says Kate. “Hypnotherapy works by reprogramming the negative thoughts and feelings a person has about themselves. All the work is done at a subconscious level.”

People with eating disorders often use food as a way to suppress emotion and regain control over their lives. They don’t feel comfortable feeling or coping with their true feelings of fear, anxiety, or lack of control so they turn to food as a form of comfort. People with eating disorders also have a poor self-image and low self-esteem. They want to become physically and emotionally healthy, but they can’t always do it alone.

Hypnotherapy can work as an effective treatment for eating disorders because it helps people feel better about themselves subconsciously. Once people like Monica feel better about who they are, they’re more likely to quit the bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating. When they stop using food as way to cope with emotional problems, they start to treat their body in better ways.

“Ultimately, a healthy relationship with food is established,” says Kate, the hypnotherapist who helped Monica.

Hypnotherapy Isn’t Equally Effective For Everyone

Just because Monica found hypnotherapy to be a successful treatment for bulimia doesn’t mean all – or even most – people with eating disorders will experience the same results. The results of hynotherapy depend on the person’s emotional state, ability to be hypnotized, personality, and willingness to overcome the eating disorder. Many personal, family, and emotional factors affect the potential hypnotherapy has as a successful treatment for eating disorders.

Hypnotherapy is worth a try, especially if someone has found that other treatments for eating disorders have been ineffective.