Immigrants To UK Must Learn English: Report

Immigrants to Britain should learn English before arriving, said Members of British Parliament.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration published a report on Thursday about the process to integrate the migrants to United Kingdom.

Led by former Labour leadership candidate Chuka Umunnna, the report talked about scrambling by politicians to become serious on such mass migration subject and calls for a new approach to it in the wake of Brexit.

It is learned from the report the key problem faced in the immigration policy is the integration of immigrants in the society and not the increased number.

The report further reads Brexit is like a wake-up call for them to prioritise integration to address deep societal divisions.

The report suggests, “All immigrants should be expected to have either learned English before coming to the UK or be enrolled in compulsory ESOL [English for Speakers of Other Languages] classes upon arrival.”

Ahead of the report Umunna said immigration has impacted on different communities in different ways and the duty of Government is always to address lack of integration of the immigrants.

Lately the immigration has been seen as a thorny issue for politicians in the country. The Labour Party has always criticized for not keeping the numbers in control.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron talked about reducing the immigration in 2010, but he failed to meet the target.

Meanwhile, immigration hardliners said the newly released report is too little and too late as well. The report is dismissed by UK Independence Party saying non-cutting efforts of numbers is meaningless.