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Is Jim Mattis justifying Trump lately being wrong in foreign policies

Did Jim Mattis shattered the glass that could be broken during emergency? His resignation is now evident President Trump wants to forge its own foreign policy. Rather, Trump is lately doing so.

However, the resignation of Defense Secretary has been seen as displeasure by Trump, who lately announced to be withdrawing US troops from Syria, claiming Islamic State (IS) has been defeated.

Experts believe Trump’s decision is wrong as Russia is involved directly and no allies of the US would risk military confrontation with the Russian Bear.

Trump can be justified as this is a different age, different from the 1990s. The economic power of US has been diminished due to globalization and Chinese economy as well as popularity is on the rise. Even, the US allies are now richer compared to what they were about 70 years ago.

So, what should be the right formula now? Isn’t that the allies need to do more than what they have been doing over the years? Isn’t US need to use less of its military on other land? Currently there are many problems in the world that seeks help of US power to fix up the issues. Should US not shift focus away from Afghanistan where the army has been stationed for decades?

Well, it’s an ongoing debate whether Trump is right on its policies or Jim Mattis is justifying his stand that Trump is lately not right in the foreign policies. It is yet to understand what would happen if US army returns back from Syria.