Is Kanye West Serious About Running For 2020 Presidential Election

Becoming the most powerful person on Earth in 2020 is not so easy as singing a rap like Kanye West. Yes, it is true and this is also true that Kanye West himself has announced during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) he may foray into politics and run for the presidential election after five years.

During the event on Sunday the rapper announced he decides to capture the White House in 2020. He also admitted had smoked something before his acceptance speech for a award.

It is really unusual for someone from rap artist to run for president, said professor of political science at George Mason University, Richard Skinner.

However, he also added that people have usually started off from a lower-level position to reach so high in the United States.

Renowned actor Ronald Reagan was elected as the governor of California first and then president. Similarly, Comedian Al Franken became a Senate first and then shared his idea to run for president. Everyone knows about Arnold Schwarzenegger of the popular movie Rambo. He became governor of California.

As of now Kanye West has not hinted which party he would run for. Records shows he registered in 2013 to vote in the state of New York.

Among all these, the Democratic party has welcomed him.

Well, it is not to forget in 2005 the rap star criticized George W. Bush for delayed response to hurricane Katrina. In 2014 he talked about his support for the Democratic party. Prior to this, he and wife Kim Kardashian met Barack Obama.