Isis Issuing Fake Syrian Passport, Alert Across US

A fresh report from way of US government agency reveals the Islamic State may create fake Syrian passports as they have access to the government passport printing machines as well as blank passports.

Confirming the report published by CNN a spokeswoman for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Friday possibility of faking of travel documents is on the rise.

CNN added further the Isis have access to biographical and fingerprint data of Syrian citizens and this may lead the possibility of identity theft too.

Another report by ABC News reveals the fake documents may be used by the militants to travel to United States.

Raqqa and Dair ez-Zour cities are under the control of the Isis militants for past more than 17 months and hence there is possibility of individuals from Syria with fake passports may have traveled to the US.

According to State Department spokesman John Kirby they are well aware of the reports.

A 18-page related report has been circulated to law enforcement agencies across the US with warnings certain batch of Syria passports may be phonies. Those issued since June 2014 from the two cities controlled by Isis may be fake. The claim is based on the fact one such fake passport was bought in Turkey from the black market. It is also claimed such passports can be bought for as little as $200 from illegal channels.

The report claim further the person in Turkey who bought the fake passport didn’t had to travel to Deir-ez-Zour to obtain it. The issuance code 014 in the documents pertains to the city.