Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence Flaunts Slim Waist Figure In Instagram Shared Photos

She loves celebrating her body, says British model Iskra Lawrence.

Sharing couple of photos on Instagram with fans and followers the stunner flaunts her sensation curves in a white swimsuit. She emphasized how angles can give a changed appearance.

The photo is probably snapped in her bedroom and in one of those she shows off her side figure revealing bountiful booty and slim waist.

Her photos accompanied with a text reading, “I’ve been reading a few of your comments saying I’ve lost weight & need to stop working out erm no.”

Born as Iskra Arabella Lawrence on 11 September 1990, the blonde and blue eyed model said human bodies are allowed to fluctuate its natural and no one has been given the right what to do with it.

Iskra added she looks after her body to the best and she love as well as respect it too. This is the reason she invests in caring her body.

The 26-year-old loves posting photos of her body on Instagram and she celebrates doing it. This is the community where many men and women do the same as they want to do it.

The model also spoke how she deals with comments made by critics and trolls.

Iskra is a contributor to Self magazine and is also the founding managing editor at website Runway Riot, which is an outlet for women of all shapes.

She is a brand ambassador of National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and in 2016 was chosen as one of the 100 Women list of BBC.