Jackie Chan’s Son Gets Arrested For Drugs

We all know Jackie Chan for his death defying stunts in his action movies and we don’t really know much when it comes to the actor’s personal life. But as of the today, there is now this latest Hollywood news about the action star’s son- Jaycee Chan. Apparently he was caught positive for marijuana on a recent drug test. He got arrested as one of the celebrity drug offenders in Beijing. He wasn’t the only one involved but also another actor who is Taiwanese Kai Ko also got arrested last 14th of August for the same reason. And not only the fact that they were tested and the result was positive that lead them into trouble, but the cops also found 100 grams and more of marijuana inside the son of Jackie Chan’s apartment.

According to CNN, his son is also facing allegations about “hosting others to take drugs.” This case could actually lead him to be in prison for about 3 years. According to China Daily in cooperation with CNN, there is about 7,000 cases of drug arrests in Beijing alone for drug use and according to their statistics, this even went up from last year’s number. Asian celebrities like Zhang Mo and Li Daimo also got arrested. Although Jackie Chan’s son is on a hot seat right now, no statement from him has been gathered as of the moment and his rep or management hasn’t released any comments about the issue either. Jaycee Chan seems to be a trending topic on Twitter as well that if you hash tag his name or his famous action star dad, you will automatically see tweets about the news of his arrest. We do hope the everything on Jackie’s family be comforted in this time of troubles in their lives and may they find peace from all the media and people who are actually watching them in microscope level. Send your support to Jackie Chan right now if you’re one of his fans.