Janelle Monae sings against racism with new song ‘Hell You Talmbout’

Janelle Monae sings against racism with new song ‘Hell You Talmbout’

London, England – Through the new single Hell You Talmbout, which is a powerful protest song, Janelle Monae expresses her strong opposition with racial inequality.

The singer and songwriter wrote on Twitter that the “song is a vessel. It carries the unbearable anguish of millions.” The song, which she recorded with other artists from Wondaland label, is written for African-Americans that were killed by the US police in the past months. The other artists who joined her cause are Deep Cotton, George 2.0, Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, and St. Beauty.

The track was released as the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining prominence not just in the US but in other parts of the globe as well. Monae said that Hell You Talmbout was recorded to encourage others who remain silent about the issue. She wants to send a message to people to challenge the disregard, indifference, and negligence of many. At times like these, silence is never a friend, but an enemy.

The Black Lives Matter movement is the one who is responsible for the organized campaign against police brutality. It was formed in 2012 when George Zimmerman, who murdered Trayvon Martin, was acquitted for the crime.

Another part of the tweet says, “We recorded it to channel the pain, fear, and trauma caused by the ongoing slaughter of our brothers and sisters.” She further explained that Hell You Talmbout is a great example of the realization of sound as weapon. She ended the tweet with the question “They say a question lives forever until it gets the answer it deserves… Won’t you say their names?”

The song delivers the following powerful lines:

“With the little girls on the corner

There’s a war in the streets

Nobody speaks

And now a boy laying on the ground

Now what the hell

Hell you talking ‘bout?”