Jenelle Evans uses drugs?

Jenelle Evans started more bits of gossip about a backslide into medication use for a reason much a greater number of absurd than ordinary, which is stating a ton provided for her online networking history.

Regardless of how hard the Teen Mom 2 star attempts to turn her pained life around, and how decisively she ends up being a finer and more mindful grown-up?

There will dependably be haters blaming Jenelle Evans for youngster misuse in the wake of seeing an Instagram photograph of her child, or accept she’s once more on medications again focused around …

The “suspicious” picture surfaced on her Twitter, provoking individuals to think she was getting high. Since individuals thought this was a bong. Truly.

As she coolly brought up, its a napkin holder, individuals, unwind.

While we’re not certain why she would post such a pointless picture in any case, individuals truly need to assume the best about Jenelle and Nathan Griffith.

Contemplate it. Indeed of Evans does smoke pot any longer …

1. have you ever seen a bong that resembles that?

2. even in the event that it were, the reason would she forget it?

3. why would she then post it online?!

Yes, her past conduct (you don’t need to watch Teen Mom 2 online to comprehend what a dread this young lady was) means she has a great deal to demonstrate, and for good reason.

That said, you need to give credit where its expected, as well.

On the off chance that there were evident medications or medication gear on the table, well, we would be singing an alternate tune beyond any doubt. At the same time there aren’t. It’s that straightforward.

Haters need to quit searching for inconvenience where it isn’t there. We know, you miss the insane, insecure, habitually captured Jenelle Evans. However she’s distinctive now.

Will she return to her old ways? Perhaps, perhaps not. She is by all accounts attempting, hard not to. So until she does, possibly give cut her some slack.