‘Jobs That Don’t Suck’ Sneak Peek: Robocop Is Real, And This Guy Invented It

It’s revenge of the nerds on Wednesday night’s new “Jobs That Don’t Suck.” Guest Andrew Drenner, who was likely picked on in high school (and beyond) for playing with robots past the age of 12, will show us (and his former foes!) why he’s having the last laugh.

In the sneak peek below, host Andrew Schulz explains that Andrew developed an electronic device called “The Throwbot” that provides support to law enforcement during dangerous circumstances, such as extreme hostage situations.

“This is the eyes and ears of the police force before they go in, before the rookie gets shot at,” the inventor says of his product, which assisted in the search to catch the Boston bombers.

Basically, the bot serves as a dummy cop to make sure the coast is clear for officers to enter the premises and take care of business. Pretty cool, huh? And very lucrative.

Moral of the story? Be nice to nerds. One of them could really save your ass someday.

Check out Andrew’s robot creation, and learn about more “Jobs That Don’t Suck” Wednesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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