John Mayer Plans to Produce a Reality TV Show

For your regular dose of celebrity gossip today, we have some great new from John Mayer. And no, this isn’t about who is he dating but rather what is he doing aside from music. Mayer has always been a fan of reality shows and not only does he watch them but now, he is actually thinking of producing one! He is pitching a reality show for aspiring comedians. Like if you know someone who is hilarious, you can have them audition for that show. He wants to call the show “My Funny Friend” and okay that’s pretty catchy just like his songs.

He seems to be serious and passionate about it that he even wants Anthony Bourdain to host it! Who doesn’t love Anthony Bourdain and his shows and well his lifestyle?! Anyone who is a huge fan of No Reservations is going to want to check this show if this even materialize. As of the moment, it’s still a pitch. Hopefully we’ll get to announce you some developments regarding this soon.

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