Jonah Hill tells Jimmy Fallon he made prank phone calls to prepare for ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ role

Jonah Hill revealed he made prank phone calls to prepare for the Wolf of Wall Street role that earned him his second Oscar nomination.

Hill went on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ Thursday to share his unusual secret to success.

“I would call, like, Target and Best Buy as Donnie, and I would start asking them about the different appliances. I used to call this one Best Buy in Honolulu…,” explained Hill of his in-character high jinks.

“They were super friendly. They’d stay on the phone with me for like three hours.”

Hill wasn’t just bothering Best Buy for kicks. The actor had to wear an impressive set of fake teeth on set to play Donnie, his Wolf of Wall Street character.

To help Hill master Donnie’s accent, the actor’s dialect coach made him keep the chompers in for an hour every day.

Worried about being recognized in public with the giant veneers, Hill stuck to practicing Donnie’s unique speech pattern on the phone.

Hills admits to feeling bad about pestering the stores, but says his new phone-operator friends will get an acceptance speech shoutout if he wins the Oscar.


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