Josie Cunninghum Says No to £30,000 To Take Her Twitter Down

What would you do if someone offers you £30,000 just to take down your Twitter account? Well Josie Cunninghum sure does not want to have her Twitter down despite of that amount being offered to her. But why was that even offered to her by a Twitter user? Apparently, her Twitter posts aren’t exactly good especially with her career tips to women. Lots of people have found her offensive and degrading to the value of women. She tweeted that girls who don’t past their A-levels should just do escort work and go and become topless models. And not only that, she even made some very insensitive remarks about the passing of late actor Robin Williams. She did apologized about that later on but a lot of people now are throwing him hate mails because of the words she is posting on her account. It has become a serious concern for a lot to the point that someone named Bryan Millar sent her an email saying,  “Hi Josie, I ‘m going to cut to the point, I want to pay you off.” She made a rude remark once again that she won’t do it unless the lad adds a couple of zeros and then maybe they could talk. Lots of celebrities are enjoying to have the bad image to the public. But it’s a shame that they are not aware of the negative results that it’s  doing to their image. Josie even made a statement that unless it’s £3M, that’s the only time she would stop posting her career advice to people out there. What’s your take on this? Do you think she should just delete her Twitter account?

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Photo courtesy of the Daily Star.