Jurassic Park 4 on hold

Just days after director Colin Trevorrow tweeted a picture from a location scout, Universal Studios has announced the fourth film in the dinosaur franchise is currently on hold so more time can be dedicated to developing the story.

In the statement released earlier this week a spokesperson revealed; “Universal has decided to release Jurassic Park 4 at a later date giving the studio and filmmakers adequate time to bring audiences the best possible version of the fourth instalment in Universal’s beloved franchise,”

“We could not be more excited about the vision that Colin Trevorrow has created for this film, and we look forward to watching as he and the producers create another great chapter in this franchise’s storied history.”

Although no announcement as when the film is expected to go into production the original release date of June 14, 2014 will certainly be changed.

Jurassic Park is back on the big screen in 3D to celebrate its 20th anniversary on August 23.

Jurassic Park 3D Ultimate Trailer

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