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Kanye West Deletes Twitter, Instagram Accounts With No Explanation

Kanye West has deleted his accounts on Instagram and Twitter. No explanation has yet come from him or his rep.

The rapper’s Twitter page had over 27 million followers and about same with his Instagram account. Both the pages now show a ‘Sorry’ message and the pages are not available or exist.

The accounts of his wife, Kim Kardashian, still exist and she has made no reference to deactivation.

The reality TV star did mention in one of her earlier tweets recently that clothing range of their children have been created and Kanye has made the KIDS logo on it.

Meanwhile, fans of Kanye commented on Kim’s Twitter account like, “Tell him to get back on Twitter” and “Tell him we miss him.”

The behaviour of Kanye is not new and in October 2012 he deleted all the tweets from his Twitter account except one that read, “BE BACK SOON.”

In 2013, before releasing the Yeezus album, too he had deleted his Twitter account, which was created in 2010. The father of two joined Instagram in September 2016.

One of his fans said probably the rapper is coming up with his new album and this is the reason he has deactivated his Twitter account.

Lately the US rapper had stressful days following the robbing of wife in a Paris hotel in October and later he spending a week in hospital due sleep deprivation.

Earlier this year he had also deleted such tweets that referred to be meeting President Trump at the businessman’s New York offices.