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Kanye West Releases New Track ‘Lift Yourself’

A new release is coming from Kanye West. The track is titled “Lift Yourself” and the rapper shared it with fans on Twitter. It sounded like a new music, but actually looked like a joke track.

The shared song starts with women singing Amnesty 1973 hit’s “Liberty” equipped with some signature beats of the rapper. Kanye jumped only with one verse and not from the promised “fire.”

The 40-year-old raps, “But they don’t really realize, though; this next verse, this next verse though; these bars; watch this s-t go.”

Kanye thereafter started with nonsensical likes like, “Poopy-di scoop. Scoop-diddy-whoop. Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop. Poop-di-scoopt. Scoopty-whoop…”

Ahead of the release over social media the rapper announced it would include a verse dedicated to Hot 97 host Ebro Darden.

He tweeted, “I’m going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking… It’s called Lift Yourself.”

In a seperate 43-year-old radio host Darden tweeted, “It’s all fun& games. Woop-diddy-scoop-diddy.”

Earlier this week Darden revealed to have spken with Kanye over the phone and the rapper reiterated his support for President Donald Trump and talked about anti-Black Lives Matter commentator Candace Owen’s appeal.

A day after their discussion Hot 97 released an audio in which the rapper is heard telling Ebro several times “I love you.”

Apart from all these, about a year ago Kanye has deleted his ]Instagram and Twitter accounts without any explanation then. His Twitter page had more than 27 million followers and similar volume on his Instagram account. Both the pages surprisingly started showing a ‘Sorry’ message and the pages are not available or exist.