Kanye West vows not to sleep until Jesus Is King is released

Kanye West vows not to sleep until Jesus Is King is released

Is it true that Kanye West is having sleepless nights lately? If not, he has at least promised something similar. He vowed not to sleep until Jesus Is King is out.

The comment of Kanye West comes after his fans were left heartbroken as he missed a midnight release of Jesus Is King on October 25.

Earlier this week he tweeted: “Jesus Is King” Oct 25th.

Conveying his feelings to fans through a micro-blogging site the 42-year-old wrote, “To my fans Thank you for being loyal & patient… We are specifically fixing mixes on Everything We Need, Follow God & Water… We not going to sleep until this album is out!”

Prior to his previous tweet he was silent on social media but his tracklist with “Jesus Is King” Midnight was different than what his reality TV star Kim Kardashian had earlier released.

Just four tracks were common in their lists – Selah, Hands On, God Is, and Water.

However, couple of midnight passed on and there was no album drop. This left his fans a little gutted. One of his fans wrote, “Me when I trusted Kanye and the album ain’t drop #JesusIsKing.”

In September 2018 too the rapper missed a date for Yandhi.

Kim had earlier revealed a tentative tracklist for the album that Kanye scrawled on a notepad.

She further revealed that the Jesus Is King was set to feature songs called Selah, Hands On, Use This Gospel, New Body, LA Monster, Sunday, Water, On God, Follow God and Up From The Ashes.