Kanye West’s Clothing Line Criticized At New York Fashion Week For High Price

Kanye West has stolen the show at the New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 with his latest clothing line. Tagged as ‘hideous,’ the dresses climbed the ladder of success similar to that of Victoria Beckham, which has been persistent to break fashion scene.

West, rapper-cum-designer and husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, presented the second season Yeezy x Adidas shoe collection equipped his own clothing line.

It was a mixed response from spectators and media people present there. He was criticized too for price tagging heavily. On the ramp, one of his male models, out of many, was also seen lighting up a cigarette.

Social media was also flooded with praises and criticism of the clothing line. One of the users joked saying the rapper is about to make people homeless in style with high price tag so that fashion crazy fans can spend their life savings.

There were khaki collections, sand collection, skin tight leotards, oversized sporty garments, leggings and many more.

One of the Twitter users tweeted he loves West as brother and he is also biggest fan of his clothing line, but those are now exactly opposite to what he preaches.

One another user tweeted she cannot take him seriously as a designer.

West announced his showing just few days before the event and hence other scheduled designers who were on the same slot were blind-sided on the official NYFW line-up.

Anne Bowen was to debut his street collection, but had to reschedule as West knew he is a top media celeb.