Kate Gosselin is dating Jeff Prescott?

Kate Gosselin has at long last began dating once more. The Kate Plus 8 star has been involved with Jeff Prescott for a few months, as per E! News. The new few was seen together in New York City in October, where she had been filmingcelebrity Apprentice, which commences this weekend on NBC.

Such a great amount for talk of her shacking up with Steve Neild.

The moderately new couple have clearly kept a low profile, avoiding wandering out openly to stay away from the investigation and consideration of VIP tattle destinations.

Real truth out in the open now, however, little doubt remains.

So who is the man who got through and quietly cleared the ambushed, insulted, polarizing mother of eight off her feet as 2014 attracted to a nearby?

A 51-year-old separated father of three whose evaluated worth is $25-30 million, Prescott helped to establish the organization Dreamstime, a supplier of computerized pictures.

He is additionally a giver, serving as president of the Deaf Children’s Foundation and being included with a few different foundations not named Kate Gosselin.

Past the consistent gossipy tidbits connecting her to bodyguard Neild, the tabloid installation has been pretty much out of the dating diversion since she and Jon part in 2009.

She’s been hesitant to let another man in, she says.

An enormous purpose behind that, clearly, is her eight youngsters.

“I don’t feel that I search for a future individual the extent that, ‘Come in, help me raise my eight children!'” Kate says of the part any new sentimental accomplice would play.

“In the event that somebody is eager to do that, that could be the privilege individual, however its unquestionably not something I expect,” the dubious star went on. “It’s a stunning life.”

“You can talk, talk, talk, and talk yet to stroll in my entryway and really attempt that on and wear it, gosh, that is going to must be a bold individual. I don’t have the foggiest idea.”

“Possibly I don’t accept that individual exists.”

Inquired as to whether there were any suitors coming soon early a year ago, she said no, and that Mr. Right “needs to be made of titanium. Steel doesn’t cut it any longer.”

No weight at all, Jeff Prescott.

Kate, 39, lives in Pennsylvania with her twins and sextuplets. Notwithstanding Celebrity Apprentice, she and the brood will likewise be once again on TV this winter.