Kate to visit World War II spy school

The Duchess of Cambridge is today due to visit the infamous Bletchley Park, once home of the World War II spy school.

Kate will meet with a woman who used to work alongside her grandmother in cracking the codes which helped to win the war against Germany.

Bletchley Park was one of the worlds best secret locations with people who worked there banned from talking about their roles. Yet in recent years the venue has become a TV and film location.

It has also been at the centre of story line plots for films and TV in its own right.

Now Kate will meet with a friend of her grandmother Valerie Glassborow, who was a Duty Officer during the war.

She is expected to hear how of the role her dad’s mum had at the once top secret location.

Code breaking work at Bletchley is credited with shortening the war by at least two years. Kate is due to chat with Lady Marion Body who recalls working with Valerie and her twin sister, Mary, and remembers being at work with the sisters when they heard that the war in Europe had ended.

Kate’s Grandmother Valerie died in 2006 aged 82 and worked at Bletchley since she was 16. The hut she worked has been restored as part of an £8 million Heritage Lottery Fund restoration project which is another reason why Kate is visiting.

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