Katie Holmes and Her New Relationship Status

Now we all know the divorce Katie Holmes went through after with ex-husband Tom Cruise. It feels like it was just yesterday when Cruise was seen hopping in happiness on the couch of Oprah and telling the whole world how madly in love he is with Katie. That was definitely something that is hard to forget especially if you are involved in the relationship itself. Right now Katie is coming out with a new statement on her relationship status since she is very busy taking care of her child.


Of course a lot of men are going to want to find out if she’s currently available or open to date again. We have some bad news for all the men out there who would attempt but she recently made a statement to the press that she is not interested in getting herself in a relationship as of the moment and she is just really focus raising up her little Suri and also getting back her focus with her work. She said that she started acting at a very young age and made a name too early and now it’s time that she diverts the attention to her growing little girl. Well good for her!

Finally some real parenting is happening in Hollywood and we couldn’t be happier to know that she is dedicated to it than you know, hitting the pool of dating again. This is one smart woman indeed. More celebrity Hollywood gossip on our page so feel free to peruse around!

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