Katie Price Claims South African Athlete Oscar Pistorius Messaged Her During Trial

Katie Price has lately revealed South African Oscar Pistorius was in touch with her before he was convicted for murder.

Chatting on the ITV’s show The Loose Women with co-panellists she said the athlete had contacted with her through Twitter during his murder trial.

The Loose Women is the show about woman who fall for serial killers.

Pistorius is currently in South African jail after he was found guilty of culpable homicide for shooting four times to his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013 on February 14.

Price said Pistorius was in direct messaging to her during the trial.

She added, “It got to the point where I thought, “Actually I don’t want to message. I don’t want to cross that barrier where I’ve got dialogue.”

Price disclosed whey Pistorius messaged her directly. She had once mentioned him in a column.

Pistorius thanked her in the message, but Price thought whether it came from really him, the right person in fact. Her brother verified the message and found it was definitely Pistorius.

She said, “I was saying you’ve got to let the courts decide. Don’t judge anyone until the courts decide.”

Pistorius was earlier under a five-year imprisonment and has spent three years for reckless endangerment. Later in November 2015 his charge was changed to murder and his sentencing is scheduled for next month.