katie price

Katie Price to appear at magistrate court for threatening behavior

Katie Price will be facing two counts of threatening behavior. She is due to appear Wednesday before West Sussex Magistrates court.

Michelle Pentecost alleges the mum-of-five shouted at her at the school playground as “Are you enjoying f***ing my husband.”

Pentecost is the girlfriend of Katie’s ex-husband Kieran Hayler. Her son too attends the same school in which two children (4-year-old Bunny and 5-year-old Jett) of Katie and Kieran studies.

Pentercost reported the incident to police and simultaneously couple of other parents too complained about the rude behavior of Katie.

The Sun reported citing insider, “One woman got a mouthful off Katie for standing up for Michelle and the other was sworn at by Katie, after excluding her from a parent meet-up off school grounds.”

Following the incident it is learned Katie may withdraw her two kids from the school claiming the parents too don’t like her.

Last month Katie was in court after being banned from driving for three months. She was convicted being drunk while driving.

Earlier this year the reality star pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified.

In February it was learned she wanted her eldest son Harvey, 16, to be shifted into residential care Monday to Friday as he is partially blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome.

She then said, “He knows if he kicks off in the morning, the driver won’t take him to school. So he’s sussed that and he’s missing out on his education… He just wants to be with me all the time.”

The 40-year-old is currently holidaying in Thailand with Kris Boyson, her latest boyfriend.