Kendra Wilkinson: “We Want Her To Be A Tomboy”

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Kendra Wilkinson says she wants her daughter to be a tomboy. The Kendra On Top star told Star magazine, “We have picked our top five and they’re all unisex names. We want her to be a tomboy, like me.”

She also admitted, “I’m ready to have her already! I’m always sick and a lot more hormonal, so I’m hoping these last three months fly by.”

She also opened up about her fears for raising a daughter.

“Girls are a whole different story. You have to worry about them so much more. But we live in a great community and we’ve created a group of people that we can rely on and trust. The best thing you can do for your kids is surround them with good people.”

Don’t ask her to have more children – this pregnancy will be her last. She confessed, “I’m trying to tie my tubes! My doctors say I’m too young. But I am extremely done; I want no more! This pregnancy has been a lot harder than my Li’l Hank’s.”

As a result she wants to be healthier exclaiming, “I went from being completely unhealthy to healthy the first time, and this time I’m considering vegan!”

via Celebrity Due Date

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