Kesha vs. Dr. Luke

Kesha is suing her long-term maker, Dr. Luke, for sexual, verbal and physical ill-use, which he counters is false and commensurate to blackmail. So who’s coming clean?

When it came to Kesha suing Dr. Luke, the pop vocalist had “a great deal of fear,” her attorney, Mark Geragos, said on Good Morning America today.

Be that as it may the 27-year-old did simply that, and Lukasz Gottwald practically instantly countersued the vocalist, refering to blackmail, criticism and rupture of agreement.

Nevertheless, “she’s solid,” Geragos said, noting that “when I chatted with her yesterday, I thought she was gigantically strong … she’s in a decent place.”

The star claims his misuse was severe to the point that she “almost lost her life,” claiming that she was frequently employed with liquor and “brutally and unendingly” castigated.

She guaranteed that Dr. Luke’s asserted verbal misuse helped the vocalist creating a dietary problem, for which Kesha went to recovery recently.

Her fans tore Dr. Luke another one then, accusing him just about altogether.

Presently, “she’s in a spot where she’s solid enough that she can make it work. She can remained up to him,” Geragos said. “That is to say, this is an alarming thing.”

“The date assault. A long time of mental and psychological mistreatment. Those are things that I think anyone, particularly at her age when this began, would be crushed by.”

Without a doubt, on the off chance that you expect that they really happened.

Gottwald’s claim denies all cases made by Kesha and included that her mother “has made clear that coercion is a definitive objective of this defamatory crusade.”

Gottwald’s legal advisor, Christine Lepera, told ABC News that she accepts the cases will demonstrate “just a continuation of her awful and hostile acts.”

As indicated by Lepera, “Kesha and her mother are occupied with a crusade of distributed silly and untrue explanations about Dr. Luke to outsiders.”

Their objective, she says, is to weild “defamatory proclamations trying to coerce Gottwald into discharging Kesha from her select recording concurrence with Dr. Luke.”

What do you think? Whose side would you say you are more slanted to accept, or is maybe reality some place in the center, a dinky hazy area as is so regularly the case?