Keyshia Cole, arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman

Vocalist Keyshia Cole, was discharged from penitentiary on Sept. 19 in the wake of being captured for purportedly striking a lady who had gone through the night with Keyshia’s reputed sweetheart, Birdman, 45.


Keyshia Cole is having a really harsh begin to her weekend. The vocalist was captured on Sept. 18 in the wake of appearing to Birdman’s condo and professedly striking the lady she found there, pretty much affirming the bits of gossip that Keyshia had been seeing the Cash Money Records CEO.


Keyshia Cole Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Woman in Birdman’s Condo

Keyshia touched base at Birdman’s West Hollywood apartment suite at around 5 a.m., reports TMZ, when security permitted the “I Should Have Cheated” vocalist to enter the premises. It was then that she professedly seen an alternate lady in Birdman’s penthouse — considering the lady was there at 5 a.m., we can accept that she and Birdman were most likely not, such as, playing Uno.

Keyshia supposedly scratched up the young lady’s face, says TMZ, and she was captured for “battery and an exceptional careless driving warrant.” She was discharged that day of her capture on $45,000 safeguard.

Keyshia Cole To Divorce NBA Husband Daniel Gibson

To say that Keyshia is unfortunate in adoration is a bit of a modest representation of the truth. Her explanation behind professedly going absolutely bonkers may come from the way that she has insinuated in meetings and in her music that offended spouse Daniel Gibson, 28, had undermined her.


The two started dating in 2009 and wedded in 2011; in the middle of they had a youngster, Daniel Jr., who is presently 4 years of age. Their wedding weekend was recorded for their world show Keyshia and Daniel: Family First, yet it was simply a few years after the fact in March 2014 when she reported that she and Daniel had divided in the wake of evading part bits of gossip for a considerable length of time.


The two have not yet separated, and they proceed to agreeably co-guardian their child.  Provided for her relationship history, it may be decently reasonable why she may have felt the need to become turbulently unglued; notwithstanding, (affirmed) viciousness is never the answer.