Khloe Kardashian: abusing drugs prescription to get away from depression?

Alone, discouraged and reeling from both her separate from Lamar Odom and her separation with French Montana, Khloe Kardashian is experiencing a dull time.

At any rate as per another tabloid report, which affirms that Khloe is still not absolutely over Lamar, furthermore descending from a months-long high of sorts.

“All she and French did was gathering and drink, and its beginning to get up to speed with her,” a companion uncovers. “Presently the relationship is over, and she feels fat, terrible, and alone.”

“Furthermore, she’s got her separate from [odom] even now approaching over her head.”

Notwithstanding gossipy tidbits that Lamar is attempting to win back Khloe, he didn’t appear to be excessively put resources into their marriage the last time, when he gorged on break and different scrapers.

Regardless of the fact that he were attempting to worm his route go into her great graces, its indistinct how fruitful he’d be. Khloe may well simply not be over the ache he created her.

That doesn’t mean she pines for him. There is a distinction.

Investing time with her sibling, Rob Kardashian, who is “much more discouraged” than Khloe, isn’t precisely going to lift her spirits, a Kardashian source notes.

Thus, she’s apparently transformed into a pill-popper.

Her medication of decision? “Khloe is taking antidepressants all the time to adapt,” says the source. “Khloe needs to cut the dead weight from inward round, not pop pills!”

On the off chance that you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians on the web, you realize that the most youthful sister’s systems for adapting are not generally the best … that is understating the obvious.

With Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons set to debut in a matter of weeks, one can make certain a percentage of the show will tail her onto that E! spinoff.

Still, she’s demonstrated strong to this point, and we hold out trust that she can pull it together once more. Who are Scott and Rob expected to gaze toward if not Khloe?!