Khloe Kardashian May Attend NBA Finals To Support BF Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian is learned could be attending the NBA finals this Wednesday in Cleveland to cheer up and support her current man Tristan Thompson. Both have kept their relationship fairly secret but much have been revealed through their actions.

The reality star had even attended some more games of the athlete this season in Ohio and sources say the two had spent time together almost every week.

It is true every good relationship is based on support and the Kim Kardashian sister is doing the same for his man’s future in the NBA. Thompson too had a strong showing in the playoffs.

However, it is not yet learned the television star had attended the first two games of the NBA Finals which were played in Oakland.

Its a long distance relationship for the two. Khloe lives in Los Angeles and Thompson plays and practices with his team Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland.

Khloe had in one of the recent episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians introduced her boyfriend to the family.

She also revealed her love for the team and Thompson of course indirectly through a Snapchat story that shows a plate of cookies designed in the shape of jerseys bearing numbers and names of team member. The top cookie is number thirteen equipped with her boyfriend’s name.

Earlier, in the month of April this year, Khloe Kardahian disclosed interested in getting married to her current man or to start a family with him, reported People magazine claiming she said to ES Magazine.