Kim Kardashian, Kanye West To Split After Second Child Birth?

Kim Kardashian and rumors need to go together. Both seem to be conjoined twins. Lately it has been rumored rapper, husband Kanye West won’t need the reality star anymore after the birth of second child. Gossip blogs report West is waiting for second son birth and thereafter he will pull the plug on their marriage.

If believed to another gossip blog, Gossip Cop, Kim won’t have more than two kids. Her family has said they are worried about the state of her marriage with West. She is too stressed and it is not helping in her high-risk pregnancy.

The two has a daughter together. She is named North West and is 26 months old. She was born in June 2013.

If believed to an insider, the TV reality star is worried their marriage could end up after the baby is born. She knows West would no longer need her once the son is born.

However, another insider has been cited by the rumor-busting website saying everything is fine between Kim and West and their marriage is going all well. They are not going to split, but it is true Kim will not be having any more kid after the son is born.

Xpose magazine reports Kim had earlier developed placenta accreta during the pregnancy with her first kid North West, about two years ago. This led to remove her uterus and it is being said she may develop the same condition again.

What you think? Kim and West will split after the birth of second child? Do share your own views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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