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Kim Kardashian Shocks Fans With Fake Inserted Necklace

Kim Kardashian has just shocked her fans by going one step too far, as it seems on first instance, in surgical enhancements. Its fake body modification and she has shared her pic on Instagram.

Her followers commented largely seeing a new necklace that looked inserted under her skin. It is just a makeup which looked so realistic that watchers are left grossed out.

In the short video clip she is seen flaunting her new look and with yellow lighters her necklace glows up like a heartbeat. She is seen saying, “My neclace glows like a heartbeat.”

The necklace looked mesmerizing, but was disturbing too. Fans started commenting as many remained perplexed of the new look. One of them wrote, “No Kim omfg NOOOO (sic).”

However, Kim is not the only celeb who has shared such a pic that looked like a body modification. Chrissy Telgen too shared similar clip of herself in which feathers looked like coming out from her chest.

In the video while the model showed off her wings, her daughter Luna is heard shouting from background that she like it.

Both the celebrities were in fact modeling pieces of art of fashion brand A. Human. Its a promotional efforts by the pair before the exhibition kicks off on September 5.

Simon Huck has conceptualized such body art. He is a good friend of Kim and Chrissy.

Huck said, “We didn’t want to root any of our modifications on the idea of existing insecurities or discomforts.”