Kitson Boutique Chain Closing All 17 Stores

The Kitson’s heyday is over and the boutique chain has announced to close its 17 outlets across California, Oregon and Nevada as well as its online shop.

To save the brand, the chief restructuring officer James Wong, said they are in talks with interested parties who can buy and preserve the brand in the form of e-commerce site.

However, analysts say the chain is most likely over.

Kitson is the celebrity boutique founded on 2000 by Fraser Kitson Ross with the first store in Robertson Boulevard in LA. The expensive outlet soon turned to be a well-known place for celebrity spotting, and especially by paparazzi.

At its height celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton too visited the store and the place became epicenter of young female fashion.

In 2013 the boutique chain revealed immense financial crisis but reportedly received a $15 million credit line for refinancing by Salus Capital Partnres.

Salus is well known lender of last resort and it also extends loan to such companies that are unable to arrange credit anywhere else.

It is said amid quick success the chain overexpanded and also lost way on the fashion front by heavily relying on kitschy gift items including drinking games and embroidered pillows.

With the popularity of online shopping teenagers say they have stopped dropping to Kitson as all the same products are also made available on other e-commerce sites like Amazon and that too at a lower price tag.

Meanwhile, before the closure the stores are offering products at a catchy discounts of up to 50 percent.