Kiwi's Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern

Kiwi’s Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern To Become World’s Youngest Female Leader

Political establishment is some countries could be changed soon as a 37-year-old police officer Jacinda Ardern is all set to become the youngest female leader in the world in New Zealand.

She is currently cutting a deal to make a coalition government in one of the world’s most developed countries. The generational shift or rather a total reorientation to politics since the global financial crisis has also been seen in France, Canada, Ireland and Austria.

If taken note of political scientist at Victoria University in Wellington, Bryce Edwards, the idea does not work now that says politicians need to have experience, strong credentials or age.

Arden became leader of Labour party earlier this year on August 1 and within short span of time she rose to such high pledging to tackle social issues like affordable housing and child poverty.

In the September 23 election the Labour emerged as second, but the National failed in securing a majority. This created the need of taking the support of the New Zealand First party.

Keeping the view that capitalism requires regaining of its human face and following negotiations of 12 days the New Zealand First party’s leader Winston Peters has now decided to support Ardern.

Meanwhile, the Kiwi dollar slashed down by 1.7 percent on Thursday amid concerns that the new government’s policies may curb economic growth, cut in immigration and other such issues.

The currency traded at 70.28 USD and stocks dropped too.

However, it is yet to be seen whether the police officer and Labour Party leader becomes the youngest female leader in the world in New Zealand.