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Known For Odd Things, Lady Gaga Wears Stilettos On Boat

Lady Gaga is always unexpectedly different and lately while boarding a boat to reach Venice Film Festival she turned to oblivion about rules of the sea. She was without a life jacket and didn’t wear boat-friendly shoes too.

Not abiding to her health and safety she chose to attend the festival with an outfit that included fancy 40s hair. She was dressed in a LBD and teamed it up with sky high heels, which could have been the main reason of worries for anyone who travels by boat. She dangled her legs over the side.

It is true that boats can be treacherous things and decks are usually slippery. It is not the place to wear stilettos, but many may think twice getting inspired by Lady Gaga, who had earlier attended an awards ceremony dressed in meat.

The singer attended Venice Film Festival to promote her latest musical drama film A Star Is Born, directed by Bradley Cooper with a good plot in which singer and songwriter fall in love. Both try to navigate their romance amid building up their respective careers.

A day before Lady Gaga shocked her fans and followers. Marking 10 years since The Fame she shared several nude pictures of herself, just muzz covering her nipples.

She is well known for her similar actions for years and so no explanation was required for the naked snaps.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is also gearing up these days for her Las Vegas residency, which will be equipped with some stripped back hits and couple of unique shows.