Kourtney Kardashian treating Scott Disick as a sperm donor?

It would seem that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship is in dangerous territory. It generally has been, we know … be that as it may things are considerably more unstable now.
On the heels of reports that Kourtney dumped Scott taking after a Vegas binge comes another report that Scott blamed his long-term accomplice for relinquishment.
The couple “got into an exceptionally warmed contention a weekend ago in which Scott blamed her for surrendering him after the demise of his guardians,” a source says.
“Scott accepts that Kourtney has just utilized him as a sperm benefactor,” the insider likewise claims, and The Lord “feels totally disregarded in their relationship.”

On the off chance that you watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you know they have not dozed together in years.
Five years, according to his observation. Amid which she’s gotten pregnant three times, so there has been some constrained physical contact … at the same time not an entire hell of a considerable measure.
Those pregnancies and the ensuing youngsters, while delightful, have just helped the separation between them, Disick claims (or in any event a source says).
Scott has been vocal with his view that she nurtures them.

“As per Scott, Kourtney utilizes the children as motivation to not be sentimental on the grounds that she is dependably excessively tired,” the insider said of the hopeful folks.
In late, Scott registered with recovery at Mountainside Treatment Center in Connecticut, just to leave before his system was over, to the astonishment of nobody.

He gave off an impression of being calm and venturing down his diversion in arrangement for infant #3, a kid who is expected any day now, however the wheels are allegedly tumbling off once more.
Kardashian as of late tweeted a picture of the toon characters Lilo and Stitch. She included the message, “In the event that you need to abandon, you can. I’ll recollect that you, however.”

She additionally took the children, Penelope and Mason, to live with her at a companion’s home for two days, while she trusts her man will make some kind of breakthrough (for the 100th time).
Not surprisingly, she won’t part ways with him, or wed him.
“Kourtney couldn’t care less what Scott does, yet doesn’t need him smashed or wrong around their children,” the insider said, composition an indeterminate picture, best case scenario.