Kyle Snyder Becomes Youngest Olympic Champion In US History

Kyle Snyder Becomes Youngest Olympic Champion In US History

It was a surprise to the world last year when Kyle Snyder grabbed the world title in Las Vegas without winning a Big Ten or NCAA title earlier. He became the first American teenager wrestler to do so.

On Sunday, at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, he knocked off the best and defeated Khetag Goziumov of Azerbaijan by 2-1 at 97 kilograms (214 pound) during men’s freestyle tournament for gold.

He used knowledge at the Olympics that was gained earlier from losing to Goziumov last month. He learned excels of the champion about how to score early and also how to defend well.

Snyder is now the youngest Olympic champion in US history apart from being the youngest wrestling world champion in US history. He is just 20-year-old now.

He said, “I don’t really have too big of a secret… I listen to my coaches. I train as hard as I possibly can.”

The Woodbine, Md., native showcased machine-like performance and left a trail of weary and dispirited opponents in three matches to land up to final.

In the Rio’s quarterfinals he grabbed Albert Saritov with a body lock with a 3-0 lead and thereafter slammed the Romanian for four points and a 7-0 win.

During his first three years at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School he went 179-0 and thereafter skipped his senior year to pave way for his performance at Rio with preparation at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.

US teammate Jordan Burroughs had earlier this year tweeted, “Kyle Snyder is the best wrestler ever.”

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