Laila Ali: My Dad ‘Lights Up’ When He Sees His Grandkids

Laila Ali said her legendary father Muhammad Ali gets a kick out of her son, Curtis Jr., 5, and daughter Sydney, 2.

“He loves kids, he always has, it’s always kissing and hugging,” she told ABC News of what it’s like when her father’s around the house.

Boxing great Muhammad Ali, who has publicly dealt with Parkinson’s disease for almost 30 years, loved being a grandfather, his daughter said.

“As he gets older, [he’s] struggling with his disease, but he lights up when he sees the kids, especially my son who looks exactly like him. He loves that,” she said.

Laila Ali spoke to ABC News as part of her new role as one of the fresh faces of Activia probiotic yogurt.

A former champion boxer herself, Laila Ali said the new campaign was all about “encouraging Americans to take a look at their digestive health. … I’m always talking about being as healthy as possible, being fit and eating right. Feeling good starts from the inside.”

Being healthy is something that Ali, 36, wants to instill in her children now, while they’re still so young.

“The main thing is you have to be a parent who is educated and on a mission to make sure that their kids health is taken care of,” she said. “Like 80 percent of the time, you want to make sure they are eating something fresh. They may want a cereal bar. I’m going to say, ‘No, let’s have some yogurt or fruit or veggies.'”

Even when it comes to her children’s favorite foods, such as pizza, she tries to guide them in a healthier way than the usual delivery option.

“I try to get them in the kitchen, get them involved,” she said. “I want them to see food actually being chopped up and cooked and prepared. You’re not just going to open a package every time.”

Ali is proud of her children and how she’s raised them, but when it comes to having more kids, she has a simple answer.

“No!” she laughed. “I’m a supermom with two kids, and I’m good. I got my girl, I got my boy.”

The undefeated champion and former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant has all her bases covered at home, including her husband, former NFL star Curtis Conway.

“You have to make time for one another,” she said. “By 9 p.m., we are going to put the kids to bed. By 9:30, let’s make sure we are together, spend time just discussing what happened during the day, reading a book, watching movies, whatever.”

And date night?

“We are kind of boring, movies and dinner, but I like I’m happy with it,” she said.

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