Lance Armstrong and Family At LAX

Lance Armstrong carts his son Max on a suitcase before a flight at LAX

Former cyclist Lance Armstrong and wife Anna Hansen were spotted at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday (May 4). Lance pulled his son Max, nearly 5, on a rolling suitcase while Anna toted their 3-year-old daughter Olivia.

On Friday, the disgraced cyclist asked the Texas Supreme Court to stop a Dallas company from forcing him to pay back approximately $12 million in bonuses it paid him for winning the Tour De France.

SCA Promotions sued Lance last year after he finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his career.

The dispute dates back to 2005 when SCA investigated allegations of drug use and Lance gave sworn testimony denying doping.

Lance is also dad to three children with ex-wife Kristin Richard: son Luke, 14, and 12-year-old twin daughters Isabelle and Grace.

via Celebrity Due Date

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