LG To Launch 8K TV In 2016

In 2015 there were lots of gossips across the world related to 4K. In the beginning of 2016 LG Electronics has gone a step higher in the TV technology. It has announced of launching Super UHD 4K televisions.

The electronic giant is set to debut this year four different TV models in the Super UHD lineup and those to include TV sizes ranging from 55 inches to 86 inches in the series of UH9500. In the UH8500 line the company announced to be launching TV sizes ranging from 55 inches to 75 inches. In the UH7700 LG will be launching TV sizes ranging from 49 inches to 65 inches. The fourth model is learned to be featuring 98-inch 8K Super UHD TV under model UH9800.

It is expected LG may showcase these new televisions at the next week’s CES 2016 event scheduled to be held in Las Vegas. It is also learned all the LG Super UHD 4K TVs are to be stamped as HDR Plus. This means all these TVs to support 4K HDR content.

The HDR Plus TVs uses LG’s Ultra Luminance technology that helps in boosting brightness and black levels apart from the Color Prime to heighten HDR performance. More to all these, the TVs also to feature SDR-to-HDR conversation engine that can help viewers to pump up standard content to near-HDR quality.

Report also comes the television giant to include new wbe0S 3.0 Smart TV platform too in the new lineup.

President and CEO at LG’s Home Entertainment Company, Brian Kwon, said they are confident the new lineup will generate excitement in the television industry.