A crack in the back just got it worse! Liza Mennelli isn’t having the best year this time. Aside from getting shoved after taking that selfie during the Oscars, now, poor Mennelli managed to get a severe back injury after picking up her dog – yes, you heard it right, her dog.

The 68-year-old actress had been looking for her dogs at home when tripped over and made a fall, damaging her spine. Now that really hurts.

She was picking up her dogs and they jumped into her, she got twisted and fell to the ground, source said. She thought it was nothing, but it was really something to her, the operation is said to be next week. The X-ray showed busted and fused spine, which made it prior to surgical procedures, added the source.

This is not the first time the actress made damages to her skeleton, remembered, she also damaged her spine few years ago and used the wheelchair to aid her fast recovery.

The said accident was really disappointing for the Oscar Winner, she’s going to miss the funeral of her friend – the famed legend, Joan Rivers.

Source said she badly wanted to go because she loved her friend, but she can’t. She’s staying in bed awaiting her scheduled surgery.