London Embraces Better Safety Measures For Lorries To Protect Cyclists

Britain has come up with a safety measure for lorries and other heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to safeguard cyclists on the roads in the capital.

The HGVs should be fitted with side guards to prevent cyclists not to get dragged under the wheels when a collision takes place. The vehicles to have a certain type of mirror too to show view of bicycles as well as the pedestrians better to the driver.

According to London Mayor Boris Johnson, the new safer lorry scheme to come as a life-saver.

Data reveals up to eight cyclist die out of accident due to HGVs in the capital.

Johnson said London is ahead of other parts in the United Kingdom is lowering down the loopholes related to the HGVs that operate without basic safety equipment. Several enforcement actions have already begun and the scheme will without doubt save lives of cyclists. The new rules are applicable to all the roads in London leaving the motorways.

He also urged all the lorries to get equipped with bigger side windows so that driver’s blind spots are reduced.

Breach of new rules will result with a fine and the accumulated fund will be used in better enforcing the guidelines.

However, head of policy for London at the Freight Transport Association (FTA), Natalie Chapman, said the tool is blunt and is not the best way to protect safety of cyclists. There are better ways to achieve the same.