Lore’l attacks 50 Cent over new girlfriend, he responds on Twitter

Problems once again surround 50 Cent, and this time it involves some Twitter beef. The latest social media feud to hit the hip-hop world involves rapper Lore’l of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ fame and 50′s current girlfriend, Tatted Up Holly.

Holly’s been spotted hanging out with the rapper-turned-business magnate as early as late October. Known for being a model and strip club bartender, this fact proved to be an inviting target for Lore’l.

It’s not known exactly why Lore’l fired the first shots, but they were ugly ones. The rapper started the volleys by berating 50 Cent for dating someone in Holly’s line of work. “All these rappers wifing up strippers, kanye done f—ed up the game giving these hoes hope!” Lore’l tweeted.

She followed up with, “& @50cent I’m disappointed in u, you went and sold all that vitamin water and you tricking on hoes from starlets! … I don’t want u heard about me but I’m a motherf—en p.i.m.p” @50cent what happened????”

Suddenly under fire, Holly decided to strike back with a series of tweets that were just as harsh. A majority of her tweets are deleted, but In Flex We Trust preserved screenshots before they were removed.

That prompted a back and forth between the two which touched on topics ranging from fellatio accusations to attacks on relevancy. Even retired wide receiver Chad Johnson somehow got thrown into the mix.

Of course, 50 Cent got quite a lot of mentions, which prompted him to comment on the feud: “b!tch I don’t know u keep my name out ur mouth … u getting ready to find out why n—-s don’t play with me b!tch keep going.”

The feud simmered down afterward, with Lore’l lamenting that “n—-z can’t take jokes” before offering some bits of advice for her female followers. “My mother taught me young fin for yourself penis won’t get you no where but pregnant or a new headache,” she writes.

It’s not known what relationship Lore’l had with 50 Cent, but it’s interesting that it’s the kind that would spark this feud.

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