Madonna celebrates 30th birthday of her controversial album “Like a Prayer”

Madonna is full of controversies. One may not keep count of those, but the queen of pop herself is able to recollect most of those.

Over the past two days the singer took out some time from her busy schedule to celebrate 30th birthday of one of her controversies.

The celebrated controversy was so large that even the actual Pope got involved in it directly. It was the release of “Like a Prayer.”

On Instagram she wrote, “Happy Birthday to me and Controversy.” She shared a video in which she is seen kissing a black saint and dancing near to burning crosses.

The “Like a Prayer” controversy was a turning point for Madonna. Her career was transformed from provocative pop commodity to such artist who is capable of producing work as challenge in the eyes of critics.

The release knocked at a decisive time in her life. She then just turned thirty and critics had poked fun at her age. Her marriage with Sean Penn ended at that age. Her mother too died at her age 30. Her first three albums could only carry her much longer with the approach of 90s. The fourth album explored her inner thoughts and revealed her deeply Catholic upbringing.

It is learned the album was written in just three hours with co-producer Patrick Leonard. It was written from the perspective of a young girl who is in deep love with Jesus.

Around the globe the album shot to number one on music charts.