Madonna’s Eurovision Song Contest dancer interrogated for wearing Palestinian flag

A dancer during Madonna’s Eurovision Song Contest wore a Palestinian flag and this has led her to interrogation for more than an hour by airport security.

In her performance titled Future ft Quavo the 29-year-old Mona Berntsen addressed conflict of Palestine with Israel.

She wore a Palestinian flag on her back and an Israeli flag was displayed on the attire of another dancer. In the performance both were seen walking off with arms around each other as a gesture of friendship.

The Norwegian-Moroccan dancer claimed about the interrogation saying trying to leave Israel was intense.

Her Instagram post little earlier (now deleted) read, “The hours following yesterday’s show have been intense, but never had I imagined feeling monitored in the way I was.”

Mona added she was interrogated for more than one-and-half hours and had to tell the story of her whole life like why traveling to Arabic countries throughout her life.

The dancer was also asked about her religious relations, family matters, daily scheduled during her stay and which places she visited while being last time in Jerusalem.

Mona further said, “All presumably for carrying a flag as part of a performance making a statement about a current conflict, to promote peace, unity and freedom. I can’t even imagine the monitoring and suppression the Palestinian people are facing on a daily basis.”