Mainstreet Blues Relaxed Pull-on Bootcut

Mainstreet Blues Relaxed Pull-on Bootcut, Jag Petite Lucy Boot and Karen Kane Jeans

Mainstreet Blues Relaxed Pull-on Bootcut Jeans

These are real Mom Jeans. So what? Is being a mom (or grandmother) such a bad thing? Do all grand-moms need to move to Asia to be treated with respect?

Pull-on jeans are fine as long as they are tailored to fit, if necessary, and have no weird gaps or bulges. Also, the elastic should be covered by a top, belt, or anything.

-Bootcut (not too slim, not too wide, just right for Boomers)
-Plus Sizes

The best alternative to mom jeans is a good pull-on skirt. And, a skirt will go just about anywhere a jean goes, except for some super casual spots. Also, jeans have a younger “feel” than skirts, unless a Boomer Chick is very good at pulling off the Boho-Beach Look.

Another style is Mainstreet Blues Tall Stretch Jeans:

-Relaxed wide-leg pull-on styling.
-Smooth Front Waistband (yeah baby!)
-Side Elastic

Jag Petite Lucy Boot Jeans

Curvy petites of all ages love these jeans and most of the Jag petite styles. Actually, many women, even tall and plus sizes love Jags. They are worth ordering online, but jeans are such a pain to fit, don’t wait until the week before vacation to try them on. Gypsy girls need to give their online jean shopping plenty of time. Also, women need to sit in an airline-seat position for a few minutes before taking off the tags.

Karen Kane Jeans

Karen Kane usually has Boomers down cold. There is always something to wear if there’s a Karen Kane outfit in the closet. These cuts are worth checking out.

Colleen Lopez stretch jeans are said, by some, to be good for gals with tummies and smaller backsides. Apple shapes may want to give the HSN people a shout.

All in all, the creative jeans designers should learn from J Brand Jeans that less is more, especially when designing for Baby Boomers who would rather spend their big bucks on jeans than liposuction. It may be boring to design the perfect jean for mommy, but mom will reward the young lad or lass who reinvents jeans for Boomers.