Major Advantages of Shower Pods for Commercial Use

Major Advantages of Shower Pods for Commercial Use

Commercial shower cubicles are becoming increasingly popular with architects, facility managers, boarding schools, hostels, and other forms of accommodation that are of high use. The main reasons are very clear and reinforce a common assumption that these shower pods provide the quickest solution for installation, durability, and ease of access. Let us dive into the article to know more about the major advantages of shower pods.

prevents leak Major Advantages of Shower Pods for Commercial Use

Shower pods prevent potential leaks

Imagine a shower cubicle where its sealant will never degenerate, the tiles will never rise, and water will never seep around the tray. Water leakage is a common problem of all shower facilities, even when defining shower pods. The shower pod’s integral floor tray prevents water leakage joints. Horizontal parts, together with special leak-proof gasket design, do not require any mastic at all. High-quality materials such as glass-resistant polymer ensure no moving tiles or rotting grout. 

Budget-friendly, hassle-free installation

Shower pods are manufactured, delivered, and installed to your place. The shower pod’s sectional configuration means that they can be maneuvered highly through corridors and upstairs to the specified location. In comparison to the conventional shower design, installing and commissioning a shower pod takes only one specialist that will work in a few hours. That represents enormous savings in labor costs on any construction or renovation project.

durability Major Advantages of Shower Pods for Commercial Use

Durability and reliability

The gloss-resistant polymer material, which is the main component of shower pods,can last for up to sixty years. That being said, the gloss finish durability is also important. The reinforced polymer material of shower pods retains its fantastic look across harsh conditions and high conditions of use without additional polish, finish, paint, or performance degradation. Installing shower pods prevent rotting mastic, eliminates moldy grout, and prevents cracking or moving tiles.

Removes the hassle of maintaining it regularly

Virtually zero running cost is one of the key continuing advantages of installing a shower pod. Conventional shower cubicles may be costly to maintain and repair. Every time they need care, whether it be restoring, refurbishing, or even just cleaning tiles and grouting, you have to pay for it. Shower pods need no major maintenance whatsoever. This budgetary advantage extends far beyond the first phase of refurbishment or build project. Also, this advantage attracts most commercial users, removing the hassle of continuous maintenance and potential repairs.

Comes in different forms to suit your needs

A commercial shower pod comes in different sizes and models to match much of any climate. You can also build custom shapes or forms in your project to fit a special requirement. A cube, pentagon, quadrant shower pod can be mounted to match the alcoves and corners. There are also versions ranging from affordable styles with a simple shower curtain to extravagant and specious, top-of-the-line possibilities. Additionally, customized choices are available from quality shower pod service providers that enable you to have custom-made molds to your specifications and design. Many versions are ideal for lighting and seating accessories. The selection of measurements and requirements means you can most likely find a design that fits your project.