make some friends while you get fit

How to: make some friends while you get fit

You’ve ran marathons, lifted more weights than Hulk Hogan, drank enough smoothies to make your veins pump, and learnt all that you can about good health on your own.

But you’ve hit a brick wall, fitness-wise. All your mates don’t want to hear your tales of cardiovascular triumph, and those 6am jogs are beginning to make you feel more doggone lonesome than a Johnny Cash tribute act.

It’s time to broaden your horizons, to take your protein shakes on the road and learn something new about the world of press ups and stretches.

There are plenty of ways to maintain your fitness regime and make a ton of new friends. It’s a bit like joining Facebook, but a fitness Facebook that requires genuine human interaction. So take a look at some of our tips and find out how you can make pals while continuing to stay healthy.

Join a club

Running clubs are everywhere, and there’s enough of them in most cities to give you a breadth of options. What’s more, larger running clubs are teeming with people, all of whom have an interest in staying fit and socializing.

Before you choose a running club, make sure that it can cater to your fitness levels. You don’t want to show up on your first jog, wearing your most expensive gear, when everyone else is overweight and wheezing through their cotton t-shirts after a half-mile stroll.

Most running clubs have their own Facebook groups or pages, making it easy to drop the leader of the group a message to find out more.

Take a course

You’ve loved staying fit and healthy for your entire life – could you make a career out of it?

There are plenty of Pilates instructor courses and fitness instructor courses online, and they can help you talk to real people while you learn the foundational elements of training for a course.

You might not think you need to learn any more about health and nutrition, but a comprehensive course will provide you with solid knowledge to train other people and not rely solely on individual instinct.

Get a gym buddy

Speaking to people in public gyms is a dicey proposition. You’re interrupting time that they might want to spend alone and, especially if you’re male, you run the risk of looking like a complete creep.

But bringing a friend to the gym with you can have positive effects on your workout regime, and will make it much easier to speak to other regular exercisers. Not only that, you’ll suddenly have a sparring partner to keep you motivated. You’ll never be lonely again.