Man Oddly Dressed Shot Outside Baltimore TV Studio; Wanted Airing Information He Carried

A 25-year-old man dressed in a panda suit or a hedgehog suit was shot by police while he was walking out of a television news station on Thursday.

A phony bomb was found from him while he lay on the pavement after being hit at least thrice outside the WBFF-TV studio. The hand-made fake bomb was made from chocolate candy bars and was wrapped in aluminum foil.

Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said the man posed a threat to the community and they tried to get him to show his hands. After the man failed to abide by the demand of police, three officers fired at him three times.

The man from Baltimore suburbs, yet to be identified, was in serious but stable condition and is expected to survive.

Police said the chocolate bomb recovered from the man has wires and a mother board. Some of the wires also run down the sleeve of a jacket for the purpose of emulation of a detonator.

At around 1:20 p.m. the man entered the lobby of the FOX-TV affiliate. He was heard by security guard Jourel Apostolidies saying to have information to share about a government cover-up involving black holes and the sun.

The guard stopped the oddly-dressed man from reaching the newsroom and called 911. He alerted the co-workers too to evacuate fearing a suicide bomb.

A police SWAT team arrived moment later and found the man barricaded inside the vestibule. The officers began negotiating with him.

WBFF News Director Mike Tomko said the man talked to him when at one point he came to the lobby unknowingly. The man wanted to air some information that is compared information found in the Panama Papers.