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Man Who Plotted To Kill Theresa May Jailed For Life

The man who plotted to kill British Prime Minister Theresa May is sent to jail for thirty years. He was arrested last November and pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

21-year-old Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, from Finchley in north London, planned to attack the prime minister either with knife or gun after bombing 10 Downing Street gates and killing guards.

Originally from Birmingham, Rahman was jailed for life today at the Old Bailey. The court found him guilty of preparing acts of terrorism and believed he was being helped by an IS handler.

Amid his trial the man admitted was helping a friend to join Islamic State (ISIS) terror group in Libya. He said was encouraged by an uncle who was killed last June by a drone strike while fighting for the IS in Syria.

His two other uncles were earlier found guilty of funding terrorism and are now in jail, since August 2016. To keep him away from the terrorism influence Rahman’s mother had moved to north London.

Rahman came in the notice of British police last year in July when he had complained of being blackmailed and yet didn’t attend an appointment. Police arrested him the following month on suspicion of sending indecent images to under-age girls. However, he was not charged.

The man contacted an FBI agent online introducing himself as an IS official. Rahman said he was an MI5 role-player.

He was sentenced by Mr Justice Haddon-Cave.