Mara Wilson criticizes ‘Mrs. Doubfire’ sequel on Twitter


NEW YORK, April 18 (UPI) — Mrs. Doubfire star Mara Wilson has comes forward to say she wants nothing to do with the sequel.

Wilson, 26, said in a Twitter post Wednesday that she has no plans to reprise her role as Natalie Hillard, the youngest daughter of Robin Williams‘ character, in the film’s upcoming sequel.

“Sequels generally suck unless they were planned as part of a trilogy or series. I think Doubtfire ended where it needed to end,” she continued.

Wilson added that she was “glad” she had the chance to be in the Mrs. Doubfire film, but that there are “many, many reasons” she doesn’t want to be in the sequel.

“But they haven’t even asked me (yet), so no need to worry,” she concluded.

Wilson’s comments come a day after rumors began that Fox was developing a sequel to the 90s hit film.

Matthew Lawrence, who played Chris Hillard in the film, told TMZ he’d be on board for the sequel.

“I hope they make the second as good as the first. The first was so good,” he said. “It will be great to get the family back together.”


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