Marijuana Sales To Increase Several Folds in 2016

Across the United States the marijuana business is gradually becoming big and of course semi-legal. In 2015 its total sales was about $5.7 billion and it has involved tens and thousands of people into cultivating, packaging and selling cannabis.

The states which have legalized sales of marijuana to some extent includes Washington state, Washington D.C., Oregon, Alaska and Colorado among several more. Some have legalized adult recreational use while others have permitted its sales for medical use even though it is true the herb is still an illegal drug and Schedule 1 controlled substance at the federal level.

Industry expert say the sales of marijuana in both the use is going to increase substantially by 2020. In past one year the sales for adult use has increased by 232 percent.

Data reveals thousands of people currently in the US are rushing into the marijuana industry who are trying to work within the local regulations and conflicting patchwork of state laws. It is feared those may run afoul of federal drug-traficking laws.

This fall the Californian voters will be deciding whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use. If things turn up positive, the growth will shoot up further. In 2015 the adult use sales hit $1.3 billion and if believed to expect it may reach to about $23 billion by 2020.

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